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How to Choose the Best Blog Hosts for Free Website Templates


Creating your own website with a free website template is meant to be a quick and easy to get up and running online. You simply choose a design you like, fill in your text, and you can have a professional-looking website where you can start sharing your thoughts and opinions. In order to get your site up and running you’ll want to know how to choose the best blog hosts.

One effective strategy is to make a list of the features you are looking for in a blog host. When you review different providers, make notes on a list or a spreadsheet to keep track of how each company fits your criteria in the categories you have selected. If you aren’t sure what you should be looking for, here are some areas to consider when evaluating blog hosts:

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Blog Hosts.

1. Space

Find out how much you will be allotted by the company when you choose different hosting packages. If you will be using your website for blogging only, you likely won’t need a lot of space.

You will want to ask about the capacity for growth. As your blog grows and the number of visitors increases, you’ll want to ensure that your blog host makes it easy to adapt to increased visitor rates.

2. Server Reliability

If internet users can’t see your blog, they will become frustrated and click away. You may lose the opportunity to capture those potential readers forever.

When considering your options for a blog host, look at the up-time each company offers. If your blog is too slow to load because the host’s server is over capacity, your site visitors will also click away, since no one takes the time to wait for a “slow” site anymore.

3. Site Backup

Hopefully you will never have to deal with your blog crashing, but if the worst ever happened, having your site backed up by your blog host regularly means you can recover quickly. You’ll also want to consider whether backing up your site and restoring it on your own is something you will be able to look after on your own.

If your blog host expects that this function is something you should be looking after as the site owner, will you be able to get the technical support you need to get the job done?

4. Customer Service and Technical Support

What type of customer service and technical support does the blog host offer? Can you reach a representative by e-mail, phone or live chat during hours that are convenient for you? Ideally, you’ll want to choose a company that has representatives available on a 24/7 basis.

5. Cost

When it comes to price of your web host service, you’ll want to find the one that will give the best value for the service you need. Be careful when looking at packages of services; it’s not necessarily a better deal if you don’t need or can’t use all of the services being offered in the basket.

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